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Times are changing and you’re thinking about moving the family into a new home. But before you start searching for your next dream home, you’ll need to figure out when you’re going to sell your existing home. The decision is a complex one. And while there’s no magic formula for determining the best time to sell a home, there are several factors you should consider.


Are you ready?
Has a job opportunity become available? Have the kids left the nest? Are you simply ready for a change? There are a number of reasons for a move. When the time is right, you'll know it. Preparation for a move can begin any time; there is no such thing as too soon. The more you know about the market & what it will take to ready your home for sale, the better spent your time and efforts will be. Contact me when you begin to think seriously about a move. I can help sellers navigate the preparatory stage by developing a list of to-dos and resources in any area that you might need, from contractors to movers and attorneys to handle the transaction.


The time for selling
If you have some flexibility on when to list there has been a proven time for selling for top dollar and it may NOT be when you think. Spring is the typical season that sellers enter the market. While many home sellers do well during April - June, the market is flooded with other homes for sale. This means lots of competition, so if you’re going to sell in spring, you really need to get your property to stand out with effective marketing and staging. Let's talk about when the best time to sell may REALLY be.


Preparing for sale
We will talk about what the best approach will be for you but not enough can be said about the value of a good clean-out. This clears space and declutters the square footage so buyers see more of your home, not your stuff. Improvements always get you more money. If at all possible consider at least minor ones. Your agent should create a list with you. You decide what you can take on and then price the house according to what you are asking the buyer to take on.
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